To Coffee, Love Me

For each fleeting moment in which we may partake

I must confess I struggle to conceal a smile

There’s just something about you that fills the ache

It just makes all anguish flee, if just for a while


I search this barren earth for you every day of my existence

Because there is simply nothing that may compare

To the sweet echoes of your amatory consistence

To the bitter sting of your effervescent evanescent air


I can’t help but fall in love with your heady aroma

That ever-so faintly creamy essence

My own personal version of an earthly ambrosia

Oh please, my love, grace me with your presence


You keep me on this spinning globe

And I could never in my wildest dreams bid you adieu

Adoring you is a religion – you give me faith and hope

Unpretentiously, incontrovertibly: I do love you